MEP Engineering, Los Angeles

Mechanical Engineering

Although mechanical engineering expertise is required for many different reasons throughout the construction process, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (A/C) systems are at the top of the priority list. Our mechanical engineers have a wealth of experience in HVAC system design and can work with you to ensure that your house, office or any other type of building will be safe and comfortable. We give every single project the full attention it deserves in order to design the most effective system based on your specific needs.
Our mechanical engineering team will strategize with you to choose the right HVAC system design – including equipment type, size and location – to produce top-quality indoor air and prevent air pollutants. We’ll ensure that your system can function while withstanding various shifts in temperatures and humidity levels. Since heating, ventilation and air conditioning (A/C) can consume a large amount of energy, we’ll work together to make your systems as efficient as possible. We’ll also keep your timeline and budget in mind from the beginning, as we collaborate with the rest of the specialists and groups involved in your project.
We offer mechanical engineering services throughout Los Angeles, as well as many other areas in California including San Diego, Irvine, and Ventura. Our MEP engineers have completed hundreds of successful HVAC design projects over the years and would be happy to help you with your specific needs.
Other mechanical engineering design services we provide include:

  • Ductwork layout
  • Ventilation and exhaust system design
  • Commercial kitchens with Type I and Type II hood
  • Boilers and water heater flues and combustion air
  • Water source heat pump system
  • Radiant hydronic system
  • Subterranean mechanical ventilation system
  • Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF)

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please reach out to discuss the details.